Keeping Up With the Freezes

The fog this morning is bio-based

It’s been holding steady well below freezing for 3 days now. I’m a Texas boy, this is new and strange. One of the problems we noticed quickly is the animals water freezes over, so you have to go break it open.

A different kind of Golden Corral

It doesn’t sound daunting or tedious until you have to suit up for the cold. I freezer burned an earlobe on day one without enough head coverings.

Better then the ax. Better then the sledge. It’s the mattock.

The best tool so far is the mattock from EasyDigging. Normally a good hand tool for people of all ages in the garden, it’s become my go to for opening water portals. Then there’s steers like this that don’t want the easy water, they’ll get some on their own.

It’s a seldom seen steer-marine in the wild

Through it all, I’ve been impressed by the Anatolian Shepherd, Sullivan, having the least amount of concern about the cold.

Sullivan ponders why the food keeps appearing
Tell me again, how does this keep us warm when we climb on it?