Protect the Hay!

Previously we talked about Hay bales representing a great store of value over the winter and bragged about how much hay was in the barn. Since that time all the goats have decided the green spring grass is no good and they want to tear up all the unauthorized Hay bales. It’s great fun.

Imagine if this was a marshmallow, where would you start eating it?

Wood is pricey right now and we have stacks of pallets bought cheap on Craigslist last year. Time to put them to work.

Nothing like a lovely lady working to spice up the foggy morning

This was one of the good days in life. Kids played, all the materials were on hand, clear objectives and smooth work flow. Finished the whole side of the barn by lunch.

Come on goats! Beat this!

After that we hung gates on the two ends of the barn to finish isolating it.

We’ve never had so many compliments for the quality hayfork before this morning