Winter of Friendship

Spring is coming and we have done a lot of blending livestock with each other to make feeding easier this winter.

Our livestock guardian Anatolian Shepherd, Ashok, has taken to preferring goat feed over dog food. He’s also sleeping with the Kune Kune pigs and playing with the bullcalf Yum.

In his spare time he’s also started fights with his pops and eaten a chicken, so there are some problems.

Let the wash begin

Cattle in herds take care of grooming each other. We see them lick fly ridden areas on each other and rub on areas the tails can’t reach. They also give the piggies a bath. The piggies will come up and roll over for a good solid lick down and then wonder off again. Complete surprise to us.

Let’s play paw-to-hand through the glass

The cats are also friendly with the kids, through the door way. No cats in the house!!