The Lost World

I have a confession to make. Don’t tell everyone. I lost comprehensively to an opponent without a consciousness.

Let me explain. This year, the spring was full of promise. Rain in abundance, year 3 with a garden bed prepared, pregnancy for the humans, and a rain water system ready to go. I assembled a low pressure drip irrigation system. We shaped the rows and prepared seed beds.

Green beans

Several days later, everything is looking good! We had the drip nozzles tuned, the timer worked. Water flowed from the rain tank. Mulch from our own trees run made with the chipper on the tractor. Goat manure as fertilizer. Seeds in the ground.

Drip nozzle in the toro blue line
Shut off valve on each branch of line
Overall view, note the dark strips where water is precisely placed
Inline water filter, timer, pressure regulator at the head of the water lines
Rain water for garden and cow water

Then the real work began.

The real work is when it’s hot out and the kids need dinner and there’s morning sickness in the house and the goats are swimming in worms and you want to get kitchen cabinets done before a baby arrives and the car needs repair and the electric fence is down again and the riding mower needs a repair and the gate needs a new battery and there’s actually a career job that needs attention and ect.

Then also battle back the Bermuda and monkey grass and to train the tomatoes.

This year, the jungle won. The tyranny of the urgent conquered the important. The beautiful garden space was full of hope and seeds and clever engineering solutions. Now it’s a lost world. I think I saw a Parasaurolophus giggling to herself with the okra. With our baby on the way, she can have the fall garden too. I’ll get back to this place with my machete next spring.

Garden on the left, happy cow pasture on the right, when things were rainy and green