Three Dollar Shop Improvement

Every man should make a work space. It will be a place where he goes to work. First with his mind to design, then with his hands to build, then with his heart to judge a project complete. Here he will bind what is broken and mend what is mangled. If he is wise he will do maintenance on his machines before they need repair. He will also teach others the skills he sharpens in this place. There is a reason that every good Role Playing Game has a good work area. The aspirational hero will forge new weapons and craft protective armor, it connects to the soul of man.

If he is really blessed, it will grow into a workshop. A workspace is a place you sit, a workshop is a place you can walk. He will have workstations in the shop, designated storage, and focused lighting. Invariably he will be at one workstation and say “aaaigh, I need that tool be ready right here”. It could be a measurement tool, a screwdriver, maybe a change of blades. He will consider his situation and be sad he did not have a way to easily and conveniently put task relevant tools in reach.

There’s a cheap solution. Let me show you with some real life pictures:

Sawzall blades have a easy swap spot, Allen wrench at the end tightens a specific clamp.

The good news? For $3 at Harbor Freight, he can make a massive upgrade to his work space and workshop.

Cut off bolts, change of utility blades at the vise station.

Magnetic bars. 18 inches of working space.  Screw holes on the ends. Easy install. You will notice these are placed near the corners of the workspace to be easily accessible from both sides of the corner.

Layout tools by the table saw. Putty knife at glue work space. Random wrench for…I don’t remember., no affiliate link.

Handy for securing steel chests without permanent installation requirements.
When the work is over it’s good for recreational applications

Give it a try or give these as a gift. They punch way above their weight class in terms of permanent utility per dollar spent.