You Do Lose Some

A good friend in the mini farming trade gave my wife and I some good council. “Sometimes you fight to save these animals, and you do. Sometimes you try and you do lose some. Sometimes they just die and you never know why.

Symptomatic Position

We pulled this lady goat out of the herd. Her FMCHA scores indicated a storm of parasites running riot in her system. After some treatments, we found her unable to stand and consistently holding her head backwards. This was new and needed more research.

Jenny drilled down and discovered Listeriosis. It’s a bacteria in a goat system that takes advantage when the body is weak, and it attacks the brain stem. You can try to treat this condition with penicillin injections, and we tried that every six hours for the next 3 days and nights, along with hand feeding and watering. It didn’t work.

Sometimes you do lose some.

Piles of dirt from new holes, that’s what playgrounds are made of.