Captive Rainwater

Collecting rainwater from the rooftop has been a goal and this past week marked a significant step forward.

Cotton candy sunsets out here

The front quarter of the rooftop is now guttered. It collects water to flow to the tank.

Utility trailer earning it’s keep

Used tank on craigslist required some cleaning out, fortunately there are helping hands around here.

One it was cleaned, time to run pipes. The vertical pipe is a first flow diverter, the dust off the roof runs off first and is diverted into a drain so the sediment doesn’t get into the tank.

First flow diverter is also a support for the pipe
Screen to block insect intruders

I’m not accustomed to pipe projects being a race against the weather. This day was a race against the thunderstorms, and p it the last pieces together as the rain started. What’s the end result?

Captured rainwater with good pressure from the tank