Hooping and Hollering

In the summer the goats need some shade available. They tend to congregate under trees and concentrate their fertilizer output. It’s a waste of good fertilizer and can become unsanitary for the goats. So, we cooked up a shade system stretched over a hoop to drag around.

The frame is a fence post ripped down the center nestled into a 4″pvc pipe ripped down the center and then braced with 2×4 pine. The hoop is stapled in place. It’s light and easy to maneuver for one person.

The Hoop Skid Mark I

It worked! They would even huddle under the canopy in the rain. It looked like a good winter home outside the barn as well lol Then they tore it down and I hollered at them about it. Boers don’t care, of course.

Clearly this tarp needs to be walked on.
Hoop Skid Mark II

We used some tie down ratchet straps, flat bill pliers and good old fashioned elbow grease to unbend the hoop. Once that proof of concept worked, I strung an X across the back of the skid to keep the panels in suspension.

The abuse and stretching tore out all the tarp’s grommets that attached it to the wood base. We’re trying a sandwich clamping system to hold it in place against the winds and rubbing.

Hoop Skid Mark III: Clamp that!
The tarp is squeezed tight with 4 points of contact to the metal hoop

Will it work? Who knows. So far field engineering means rapid prototype turnover…not so strong on confidence in the theoretical modeling.