Volunteer Gardening

Michael Pollan is one of my favorite authors. He takes something simple such as what a person eats (The Omnivores Dilemma) or how food is prepared (Cooked) and asks the reader to think about it. What is a moral meal? Is there nobility in the kitchen? If you were a plant or animal, how would you conquer the earth?

For example, grass has nearly conquered the earth. It’s everywhere, before you consider wheat and corn dominating agriculture. Their pasture allies the cattle have also been propagated everywhere man builds. If you’re looking to conquer the earth, get humans to domesticate you and value your production.

The harvest for men

These domestic, albeit heirloom tomatoes have done the same in the garden. They fruited in the summer and dropped some fruit. Those fruit planted themselves and now we get to harvest these volunteer fruits.

The harvest for beasts

Because life is complex and I ain’t a good farmer yet, a lot of this fruit went bad or was damaged by critters while on the plant. The upside with having livestock is they don’t care about blemishes, they love nature’s nutrition.

“Chickens love tomatoes. Tomatoes are the chicken’s favorite”

A no waste volunteer food system? We can work with that.

Makin’ Bacon