The Calf Among Us

Good news in the pasture. Our Beefmaster cow birthed a bullcalf for the herd.

I think it is good humans don’t walk this soon. The parents wouldn’t be trained yet.

Because it’s nature, there’s always some chaos in the mix. Momma birthed him right by a (dead) electric fence and he tangled himself up in it by the time I noticed the activity.

Being a bullcalf, he promptly tore the fence down and hobbled his way the other direction.

Right into a different fence.

“Don’t touch my calf!” … “Don’t touch my fence!”

I’ve got a pocket knife and knowledge. Momma has snorts and stamps and protective instincts. Bullcalf brings enthusiasm for yanking fence wire tighter.

Together we managed to avoid smashed humans and tangled calves, and I don’t think he’s touched a fence since then.

It doesn’t look like the angles works, but it does

Haven’t cracked the code on naming him… Odysseus and Homer are out, T-Bone and Yum are in the running right now.