Deer Corn Interlopers

There is a little piggie on our farm called banana peel. He’s lightly colored yellow and black and has a preference for banana peels over other table scraps.

Mr. Banana Peel found his way into the deer corn portion of the homestead. He chomped and gobbled and horked and grunted his way to a full tummy of deer corn. The next two days, I changed his name to Capt. Constipation, because…well it fit.

I took a walk to the deer feeder to repair or adjust the fencing to keep the captain out of the buffet. I was startled first by a bunny and second by this family in the hollow tree:

Deer feeder, Interlopers

There was a clan on enterprising racoons chomping and feasting on the deer corn.

Lum and Abner

I sat and listened for a while. I learned they get used to humans very quickly. I learned they talk to each other constantly. I also learned they don’t go for the center of the corn like a whitetail or a pig, they graze the periphery whole chattering.